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When pricing artwork, something that has always been brought up to me is "How much is your time worth?" I've spent the last 20 years under pricing myself. The equation is generally Cost of Supplies + Hourly Rate x Hours Spent Creating. How do you determine your worth? If you think you are worth it, will others? In the past, time wasn't an exact concept for me. I created something and it didn't seem like it took that long to me and so I would guess and make up a final number. Fast forward and now that my time is precious and has to be carefully orchestrated. A light bulb went off for me on my last 2 commissions "That took me 6 hours to complete." "Has it always taken me this long to execute a drawing/painting?". I now realize the answer is yes. The only difference is that I had less responsibility and more time. So it was relative. The correct equation is how much do you want to make hourly and how many hours do you want to work? You have to treat it like a day job. What would you look for when applying for a job? Make that your criteria. That is my newest hurdle. Turning art into my day job. To be continued.

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