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Hello There!

I'm Becca – a vibrant, colorful and cheerful illustrator and fine artist. After working in Graphic Design for the last 12 years while raising my twins boys, I decided to attend the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design for Illustration with a concentration in Children's Books. I enjoy illustrating in watercolor, acrylic and digitally with ProCreate and Adobe Fresco. I love filling my days with art, sunshine and espresso!


Faith Rivera – Rise – Album Cover Design - 2020

Perfection Gymnastics - Vibrant mural spanning 8 walls - 2020



"I have several pieces by Rebecca, including paintings, drawings, clothing, magnets and jewelry. All are consistently admired for their beauty and uniqueness. I look forward to collecting more of Rebecca's work and hope to be able to work on more customized designs with her in the future." – MELIDA

"Love the painting! Love the ease of purchase! Love the whole thing! Would highly recommend any products made by Rebecca Kofron. She is clearly very talented! I have purchased additional nursery paintings in the past and my son loves to wake up to them every morning! Thanks Becca!" – TONI




I'm a big supporter of women's rights and it shows in my work. I want to empower and inspire women and girls to follow their dreams and be bold while they do it.  In October 2020 I created, a community that celebrates artist mothers and features them for free. It's my labour of love, and in just a short time we have grown a small but joyous niche of mothers that inspire and embolden each other.  Whether it's for an illustration or just a positive conversation, I'd love to hear from you! Send me a message, let's chat!